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The information reported on this form will be used to complete your application for admission and will inform Birmingham-Southern’s admission and scholarship decisions. By clicking submit below, you certify that the information you’ve provided is true and correct to the best of your knowledge. If your actual applications credentials vary from what is reported on this form, BSC reserves the right to rescind your admission if you are accepted to the College.

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This information will take the place of submitting an official high school transcript. Please enter the name, classification, and corresponding grade for every class taken in high school and that would normally appear on the transcript received from your school.

Please report grades according to the grading scale used by your high school.

Additional Credentials
We believe all students have the potential to succeed and that test scores may not be the best indicator of a student's abilities. With that in mind, BSC has a test-optional admission policy where applicants interview and submit an academic portfolio in lieu of standardized test scores. The portfolio can include (but is not limited to) the following: entrepreneurial proposal, community service project, or graded research paper.  If you are applying test-optional, please submit you portfolio using the file-upload fields below.